Platform Membrana: Its Advantages for Money Managers and Traders

The growth of blockchain technology has brought the use and trade of cryptocurrencies to many parts of the world. Despite how relatively easy it is to access cryptocurrencies, there are still a lot of risks involved in trading and investing in them. These risks have created the need for the trust asset management field, where investors can confidently place their funds in the care of established traders to create returns on their investments. With the help of trust management, investors and traders can rest easy knowing their funds and assets are in safe hands.
This is where Membrana comes in. Membrana is a continuously growing cryptocurrency forum that helps traders and investors outline contracts and deals that benefit both parties. The platform runs an open and transparent system that carries users through the whole process of executing a blockchain contract. Membrana also creates the opportunity to invest and raise money for management – and that’s still only the tip of the iceberg.
Here are other advantages the Membrana platform offers to money managers and traders:
  • Support of major cryptocurrencies.
  • Contracts are made through Smart-Contracts.
  • A trader’s commission fee is set at the moment of contracting.
  • Users can trade on exchanges and work with contracts via a mobile device.
  • Traders have multiple options for placing a trade or exchange order.
  • Traders set the tone of the contract.
  • Traders can order multiple contracts.

Support of major cryptocurrencies

The platform supports all the major cryptocurrencies known today. This means users can work with whatever cryptocurrency they prefer.

Contracts are made through Smart Contracts

Using the Membrana platform eliminates the need for a third party. Therefore, both trader and investor can come to terms on a deal using a Smart Contract. With a Smart Contract the trader can define terms like “target profit,” “the period of the contract,” and “maximum loss.” If an investor agrees, they send a request and sign the deal with their Ethereum wallet. The trader then receives temporary access to trade with the investor’s assets through Membrana’s inner terminal or an external Applications Programming Interface (API).

A trader’s commission fee is set at the moment of contracting

There is no need to wait until the conclusion of a contract before a trader or money manager knows what their commission will be. A trader’s fee is set during the process of making a contract, and it is automatically paid once the agreed-upon target profit has been reached.

Users can trade on exchanges and work with contracts via a mobile device

With the evolution of Membrana’s technology, you don’t need to be behind a laptop or desktop in order to trade an investor’s funds. A trader can log on to Membrana’s website and work on transactions, read through contracts, and make transfers using any browser that supports the authorization in the Ethereum blockchain network.

Traders have multiple options for placing a trade or exchange order

Once a trader has temporary access to the investor’s money, they can choose the cryptocurrency and an exchange rate that works for them. If a trader places an order for a trade and changes their mind about it, they can cancel it and then place another order at the right price.

Traders set the tone of the contract

If a trader wants to accept funds in trust management, they get to decide the elements of the deal with the investor. The trader chooses what cryptocurrency to work with, the minimum investment amount, target profit, and the amount of the commissioner’s fee they accept. If an investor is comfortable with the terms of the contract, they send an application to the money manager to close the deal.

Traders can order multiple contracts

A trader can have several deals with different investors. The Membrana platform has a unique feature that allows automatic order placement for multiple contracts. The trader can go as far as selecting specific agreements from the list to place orders on and then lay down the limits of the order placement.
With the Membrana platform, normally tiring trading in cryptocurrencies becomes easy. Money managers and traders can take advantage of this platform to make the trading process a breeze. What’s more, the platform is constantly being improved with updates rolling in from time to time.